👋 Introducing yourself with GIFs

Build rapport with a prospect using a personalized greeting

When you introduce yourself over LinkedIn or email with text alone, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect more meaningfully with your prospect and separate yourself from the insincere text-based outreach that their inbox is already brimming with.

Below are some examples of using Vidu Personal GIFs to introduce yourself to prospects in an engaging way:

Here’s an example of Will introducing himself to a prospect, Gosia, after they’ve connected on LinkedIn.

Gosia's avatar
Gosia Prospect · 1st
ACME Ventures
Will's avatar
William Holden · 23:29 pm

Hey Gosia, thanks for connecting!

Will's avatar
William Holden · 23:29 pm
Write a message...

Gosia probably gets a bunch of people messaging her every day. But when she opens this message from Will, she’s immediately greeted by a friendly face and content written just for her.

A friendly and expressive pose works great for these GIFs

We’re not asking for Gosia’s time, positioning heavy questions for her to answer, forcing her to click links, we’re simply letting her know that we’re happy to be connected.

The GIF separates Will from the crowd. Gosia will be more familiar with Will in future, and he’s become less of a faceless nuisance and more of a real person.

Chances of having a productive conversation in the future have just gone way up

Here’s an example of Chris reaching out to Megan who’s in charge of the support team at an outdoor camping business.

He’s already had a chat with Sally, and she’s referred him on to Megan.

From: Christopher
To: Megan
Subject: Sally mentioned inbound q’s are overwhelming this holiday

Figured you might appreciate a face to the name :)

Sally mentioned that inbound support volume was something that you’re wrestling with this season (more questions than agents can handle) and that it was tricky to prioritize resources between high and low value customers.

She suggested I try and find a time to connect with you, perhaps dig a little deeper into current workflows, and share a few of the strategies we’re seeing work well for folks like Thule.

Free Thurs or Fri between 14:00-17:00 to get connected and see if we can help each other?


Here’s the thing - Chris contacted Sally; built great rapport, an understanding of her usecase, got a strong sense of how he could help; but was then delegated down to a leader within Sally’s team...

When this happens, it’s easy to lose momentum by sending a faceless email that Megan has reflexively learnt to ignore during her tenure as a support leader.

Instead of this, Megan opens the email and immediately sees Chris waving back at her with specific context on an intro from someone she reports to. The GIF provides context, but it also serves to humanize Chris and make him feel like less of a stranger.

This is one of the simplest ways to turn a good referral into a strong one by making yourself more personable and familiar.

Chris still needs to re-run the discovery with Megan, take it all from the top on that next call, but he’s made himself more approachable and increased the likelihood of having a productive conversation as a next step.


“Vidu has transformed my prospecting - after 3,000 emails, I’m getting 2x responses and 7x as many meetings booked!