🔥 Following up with GIFs

Prospect gone cold? Warm them up with a personalized GIF 🌤

Here’s Claire sending a follow up to a prospect who has gone cold.

From: Claire
To: Ben
Subject: How's my timing?

Hey Ben,

I've been hoping to connect to see if discussing your recruiting tech is top of mind. Given the radio silence, I'm assuming I've missed the mark on timing.

If this is not the case, and you are open to an initial conversation, let me know when works best. Otherwise, does 3 or 6 months suit you better?

Claire 👋


Check out how Ellen from Smartling attempts to re-engage a closed-lost opp for the team.

From: Ellen
To: Jane
Subject: What came of the last localisation project?

Hey Jane,

Arthur Daniels was chatting with my team back in 2019. They were reviewing web pages, product descriptions, emails etc - all requiring translation into several languages.

In the end, the work was scoped and run internally without support of a partner.

I can imagine translation to be very different for your team now vs 2019 (you’ve scaled a heck of a lot!).

Worth us reconnecting and exploring a few of the ways we’re helping other businesses save a ton of time as they hyperscale around Europe?




Re-engaging old prospects can be incredibly difficult…

With the time that’s past, any rapport or relationship previously established is often long gone.

By demonstrating her knowledge of the previous engagement/decision, and asking a question directly to the new contact about the outcome of that decision, Ellen is able to create a warm, relevant and easy to respond to message for Jane.

With content almost entirely focused on the prospect, and a GIF that shows Ellen’s personality, she’s now far more likely to get the conversation started again!


“I love Vidu! 😍 I doubled my opps in the first month using it.”