👆 Bump email with GIFs

Bumping emails is an easy way to stay top of mind. Here’s how to do it while staying human

When did bump emails become so vanilla?

‘Checking in’

They put another email in a prospect’s inbox, but they’re shallow, lacking context, and understating the work you’ve already done.

Here’s how you can use Personal GIFs to bring attention back to the ideas and the problems you’d outlined earlier:

Here’s Omar at Intercom guiding a prospect back to his earlier research/idea sharing.

From: Omar
To: Sarah
Subject: RE: How do you scale support without scaling heads?

Do you have some time to chat, maybe tomorrow or Friday?

Best, ⁠Omar


Sarah probably has a bunch of faceless bump emails in her inbox. Bumps on top of bumps more than likely!

By using a GIF, and responding in thread to one of his previous mails, Omar humaises himself and shows Sarah that he’s a real person looking for real feedback on his very real ideas and hard work.

And by pointing up, he’s directing Sarah back to that hard work when she considers her response.

It’s simple, but highly effective.

Omar got the response: “This is really great persistence Omar. I’m impressed!”. He got a little feedback and then received an intro to the correct decision maker.


“I love Vidu! 😍 I doubled my opps in the first month using it.”