🎁 Gifting with GIFs

Stop pretending to have a virtual coffee. Send them a real one!

Gifting can be an incredibly powerful way to build rapport and connection with a prospect.

Augment a powerful gifting offer with a relevant GIF to help deliver the experience yourself.

From a new book on Amazon, sending them a coffee, all the way to buying someone lunch - here's how you can get started with this use case:

Here’s Sean going a step further than most and sharing a coffee voucher with his prospect:

From: Sean
To: Larry
Subject: Brew and review, Larry?

Hey Larry,

I noticed you and the team are growing at an incredible pace with over 50 new roles posted in the last quarter alone…

Two things I’m hearing more and more in market:

1. Not enough applications for open roles

2. Recruiters drowning in tasks like screening/scheduling

I’m wondering if these have started to impact your team over the last few weeks, too?

I’m laser focused on tackling these problems and reducing time to hire by +50%, cost to hire by +20% & increasing career site traffic by +90%.

Not sure if I can help you, too, but I’d love to find out!

Worth a chat? ⁠How do you fancy a coffee (on me) whilst you think through a quick response?


Lots of sellers ask for a call, but for most prospects that’s not the next step…

For a prospect, they have to first think through the ideas/challenges you might have outlined - they need to consider if it really is relevant to them - then they need to decide if they should be spending time with you (if any at all).

By sharing a coffee voucher and asking for β€˜consideration’ vs β€˜a call’, Sean is able to lower resistance and make it easier for his prospect to offer a meaningful response.

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