ðŸŽĨ Personalized Video

Pitch-perfect videos in seconds

Automatically generate stunning hyper-personalized videos for all prospects. Record once, and let Vidu add personalization to help you show the best of your product - every, single, time. Finally, personalized video prospecting that scales ðŸ”Ĩ

See Vidu personalized video in action:

Send amazing videos every time
ðŸĪĐ Truly unique videos to wow your prospects
Vidu's personalization engine allows you to create engaging and relevent content, presented perfectly every time
ðŸ”Ĩ Record once, send thousands of times
Vidu takes the time out of personalized videos, allowing you to consistenly send engaging content without the hours and hours of effort usually associated with video prospecting
👀 Engaging thumbnails ensure your videos are watched
Show unique and personalized content in every thumbnail and let them know that you've made something special
4x your engagement by sending personalized video like this:

Frequently asked questions

How much does Vidu Video cost?

Vidu video is available as an addon to our team plan. The cost to setup your team's personalized videos is based on the type of personalized videos required and the number of reps who will narrate them. to discuss options.

How do I get started?

We'll partner with your sales and marketing teams to storyboard your personalized video. Once you're happy with the script and visuals, we'll coach and support your team when recording their individual rep talk tracks. Videos will then be ready to be generated on-demand through our Chrome extension or automatically through our integrations.

How long does it take to setup a new personalized video?

Setup time depends on the complexity of your video, we aim to deliver new videos in 2-5 days.

What can I show in my videos?

Anything that's possible in video is possible with Vidu Video. We can show snippets of your product's value, user journeys and custom animations - all personalized for your prospects. See this video for some examples of what is possible.

What can be personalized?

Vidu's content personalization engine allows a wide range of video elements to be personalized. We can customize your videos using your prospect's name, avatar, company name, company logo, company brand colors, website screenshot, prospect role, prospect persona and many more attributes.

Do you use AI to fake a personalized prospect greeting?

While it's technically possible to use AI speech synthesis to make the seller appear to personally greet a prospect with their name, we recommend against it. Our aim isn't to trick the prospect, our aim is to deliver highly personalized and relevant content that's useful and to help kickstart meaningful conversations.

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