😩 Describing pain points with GIFs

Illustrate a use case, pain or opportunity by grabbing a prop ✍️

Here’s how you can use Vidu to act out a more emotive story in your outreach:

Here’s Amy aiming to connect with prospect over a pain they’re likely familiar with

From: Amy
To: Joanne
Subject: SaaSyBiz + Kallidus

Hey Joanne,

Chatting with HR leaders, they’re often telling me they’re frustrated with complex and admin heavy onboarding for their employees.

I suspect you’re looking into tools to help like they were.

We’ve helped teams like Tesco and Jysk fix this.

We built an employee management tool that helps you keep staff engaged and retained without hours and hours of admin.

Worth a chat to learn more? ⁠Amy


By acting out the frustration associated with boring admin tasks, Amy is tapping into the emotion associated with a pain she knows she can solve for.

This GIF doesn’t ask for anything in particular (a call etc). Instead, it probes for interest from the prospect in a way that demonstrates Amy’s understanding of her buyers.


“Vidu has transformed my prospecting - after 3,000 emails, I’m getting 2x responses and 7x as many meetings booked!