Vidu text-to-video AI Example Videos

A first look at some example videos generated by Vidu, the Chinese text-to-video AI

Important note: VIDU (our product) is not the same as the recently announced Chinese text-to-video AI model also called "Vidu".

Here's a first look at the some of the videos generated by Vidu, the Chinese text to video AI model announced in April 2024.

Vidu is a competitor to OpenAI's recently announced Sora AI model.

Orange cat with blue eyes

Prompt: This is a portrait of an orange cat with blue eyes, slowly rotating, inspired by Vermeer's 'Girl with a Pearl Earring', wearing a pearl earring, brown hair like a Dutch hat, black background, studio lights

A ship in the studio

Prompt: A ship in the studio sails towards the camera

Vintage TVs

Prompt: The camera rotates around a bunch of vintage televisions, all showing different programs - 1950s sci-fi movies, horror movies, news, stills, 1970s sitcoms, etc., set in a large New York museum gallery

Wooden toy boat

Prompt: A wooden toy boat sails on the carpet

Panda plays the guitar

Prompt: By the tranquil lake, a panda eagerly plays the guitar, enlivening the environment. Reflected on the calm water under a clear sky, the scene is captured in vivid panoramic shots, blending realism with the giant panda's lively spirit to create a harmonious blend of energy and calm.

A quaint seaside cottage

Prompt: In a quaint seaside cottage, with sunlight bathing the room, the camera slowly transitions to a balcony overlooking the tranquil sea, and finally the camera freezes on the floating sea, sailboats and reflective clouds.

A white vintage SUV

Prompt: The camera follows a white vintage SUV with a black roof rack as it speeds down a steep dirt road surrounded by pine trees. The tires kick up dust and sunlight hits the SUV driving down the dirt road, casting a shadow over the entire scene. Gives off a warm glow. The dirt road wound gently into the distance, with no other cars or vehicles in sight. There are redwood trees on both sides of the road, with patches of green scattered here and there. Viewed from behind, the car follows curves with ease and looks like it's driving over rough terrain. Dirt road surrounded by steep hills and mountains with clear blue sky and wisps of clouds