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✨ Recording made easy

VIDU's personalized video recorder makes it easy to create stunning videos, unique for each prospect. Product animations and transitions are baked in, simply read the script one step at a time as you record.

Share scripts with your team that focus on different personas, industries etc. Record once, then generate thousands of personalized videos for your prospects.

πŸ”₯ Videos in seconds

Take what was 2 hours of video outreach and turn it into 10 minutes. Effortlessly generate videos whilst sipping your morning coffee, then simply copy and paste them into email or LinkedIn.

Sellers individually save hours each week, your sales team become far more effective.

πŸ₯° Personalized everything

VIDU's content engine allows you to personalize any aspect of your videos, including prospect and company name, logo, website, brand colours, language and use case.

Each seller can personally demonstrate your product’s value in ways that resonate with each and every prospect.

Plus lots more...
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